The blazer’s origins lie in the 18th century with The Royal Navy but has, overtime, been adopted by the contemporary fashion world to become a classic, men’s wardrobe staple. It's the attire that looks fashionable without appearing too formal or flashy. With a style between the suit and the sport coat, the blazer is one of the most versatile pieces that should be a part of every gentleman’s wardrobe.

A good blazer is an essential investment that should be chosen with great care and consideration, which is why we created this useful guide to help you select your perfect jacket.

3 essentials that defines a perfect blazer

  • 1. The Cremieux Shoulder

The shoulder shape is our most important detail and is perfectly adapted to the silhouette. Unconstructed and natural, this shape offers both comfort and style.

Take extra care while choosing the right size, click here to see our fitting guide.

  • 2. The Length

The blazerWhen standing straight, the bottom of the jacket should always touch the base of your palm.

The Sleeve1 centimeter of shirt cuff to show is usually the best length.
The Expert Tip: Measure your shirt before wearing to make sure the fit will be perfect.

  • 3. How many buttons?

We advise you to keep it simple with 2 or 2.5 buttons to maintain a modern and flattering fit. This means you will only see the two lower positioned buttons, the top one will remain invisible and the button-hole will pop up as a nice "Tailor" detail.

What should I wear with my Cremieux blazer?

See below a selection of our best summer pairings.

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